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Current Cash Price: $1.80

Propane is a viable alternative to natural gas, offering the same comfort and reliability. Propane is a highly efficient fuel that can be used for many purposes, including indoor heating, water heaters, cookstoves and ovens, and a variety of other residential and commercial uses. Ray-Carroll Fuels is a locally owned propane supplier, so rest assured that our professional staff will always treat you like family.

We deliver propane at competitive prices with absolutely ZERO hidden fees!  See our Programs page for propane contracting options that will best suit your propane needs. The current cash price reflects today’s residential pricing. For wholesale propane pricing, please contact our office.

Propane offers many benefits. Did you know that propane is among the most efficient fuels available on the market? Propane is an extremely cost-efficient option for homeowners, business owners, farming operations and so much more. Ray-Carroll uses only quality propane which is used for a wide variety of applications.

Safety is our highest priority at Ray-Carroll Fuels, and all of our propane professionals are certified by the state of Missouri to handle and deliver propane gas. We also have a safety coordinator who is dedicated to reinforcing our safety standards.

Propane Tank Rental

Ray-Carroll Fuels offers 500-1000 gallon tanks to service your home for rent, which we also deliver and install. With propane tank rental from Ray-Carroll, we’ll take care of all the maintenance and upkeep. When you rent our propane tanks, you’ll never have to worry about the stress of dealing with tank repairs on your own.

  • Rent a 500 gallon tank for $50 per year.

  • Rent a 1000 gallon tank for $100 per year.


In addition to propane delivery, our certified staff is happy to refill any propane bottle you bring to the Richmond station, as long as the bottle meets certain specifications set forth by federal code. If your tank needs repairs and recertification, we can provide that service, as well.

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