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           At Ray-Carroll Fuels, your safety is our #1 concern. According to State regulations, if you are out of propane (also known as an “interruption of service”), we are required to perform a leak test. The cost of this test is $100. If there is another occurrence the cost of the leak test will be $150. If you have a third out of service, the cost for the leak test will be $200 and it will be the final leak test. There will also be a $300 charge for customers that are out of propane after hours or on weekends.

           We can no longer preform a leak test unless you or a responsible adult is present at your home during normal business hours: 8am to 5pm.  The driver will contact you to set a date and time. If you cannot make the appointment, you will need to notify us 2 hours prior. If not notified the cost of the leak test will double. After 5pm, the $300 fee applies.

           In order to prevent your household or business from running out of propane, we recommend that credit worthy customers fill out a “In Service” form.  In order to become a “In Service” customer you must have a “In Service” form on fill, or complete and return this document to Ray-Carroll Fuels, LLC.

          When you are a “In Service” customer, your driver will check your tank periodically and fill your tank when you are in need of 150gallons of propane or more, provided that your account with Ray-Carroll Fuels remains in good standing. If at any time you request fewer gallons that would be required to fill your tank to 80%, you will become a call in customer from that point forward. If you receive propane after your contract is complete you will be charged truck price at the time of delivery.

          By not completing this form or contracting propane, you understand that you are considered a “Call in Customer” and that it is your responsibility to check your tank to assure that you do not run out of propane. If you do have an “interruption of service,” the responsibility of that outage lies with the customer and the fees above will be applied to your account.

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