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Propane Contracting

Customers can save themselves time and money by contracting propane with Ray-Carroll Fuels. When contracting propane, the driver will be sure to keep your tank full. This reduces the need for you to check on your tank and prevents you from having to pay for a future leak test because of an out. (This does not apply to the Summerfill Program.)

  • Summerfill Program: One-time propane tank fill at a discounted rate. This program is only available beginning July 1st and ending August 31st. Payment of your summerfill will be deferred until the end of October (with a current account in good standing, unless you chose to make payment before. The 2023 summerfill price is $1.69.

  • Prepay Contracting: Contracting periods begins July 1st and ends September 31st. All contracts must be in place before the contracting period ends. Payment for prepay propane contracts will be due by September 30th. Prepay propane contracts are valid from October 1st to April 30th. The 2023 prepay price is $1.79.

  • Budget Level Payment (BLP): A program that breaks your propane contract into equal monthly payments spread out across 12 months. This program is designed to take the financial load of purchasing propane at one time off of the customer. We recommend signing up for the ACH payment process when signing up for the BLP program.  The 2023 BLP price is $1.89.

  • Keep Full Program: If you do not wish to contract propane, but would like to be on your driver’s keep full list please call our office or complete this form. Keep full customers will have their tank filled when needed at the current cash price, but will enjoy the benefit of not running out of propane or having to check your tank. You must have a current account in good standing to participate.

Fuel Contracting

Customers can contract fuel with Ray-Carroll Fuels. Contracting options include gas and diesel at the card-operated locations, tank wagon delivery, and transport delivery. Fuel Contracting begins in December and ends the end of February. Your fuel contract is valid from March 1st to November 30th.

Fueling Stations/Fuel Cards

Ray-Carroll Fuels has nine card-operated fueling stations within our service area, including Mayview, Slater, Lexington, Richmond, Norborne, Carrollton, Sumner, Corder and Brunswick. For added convenience, the pumps accept your Ray-Carroll fuel card or major credit cards. Fuel cards are available for customers with a current account in good standing. We also offer a Red Dyed Diesel card for those customers with tax exemption for off-road diesel.

Becoming a Customer comes with a variety of Benefits.

When you become a customer with Ray-Carroll Fuels, you can take advantage of special pricing. We offer propane and fuel contracts to help you save. We offer propane tank rentals to our customers, as well as tax savings for on fuel for farmers.

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